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* My wife and I have both read your book and think it is excellent. It is insightful, accessible, and educational without being pedantic. The "Love Gun" story was great. I remember feeling in awe of your ability to think so quickly on your feet, and appreciated your ability to laugh at yourself when the boy aimed his squirt gun at you the next time and you didn't know what to do.

* When I read most parenting books, I agree with about 25-50% of what's written and discard the rest. This book all feels right.

* My son is exactly like the boy in the book who is so stressed out by competition. I never thought there was anything I could do about it, except talk to him about sportsmanship, which doesn't seem to go anywhere. Now I can't wait to try out the games and other ideas you suggest.

* We have always wrestled with our two children, but after reading your section on Larry's Rules of Wrestling, we tried wrestling in a different way. We have never had so much fun, and it is helping our children be closer and more confident.

* Your ideas are so creative and fun and just generally terrific. One of the things that is so exciting to me is when you give me an actual game that I can go home and play--and when you give me a little sample of how it might go, like when you described the Fighting Foxfish of Fox Street for the girl who was into biting everything and hitting everyone. That's really wonderful. It's one thing to read about how important it is to have a sense of fun as a parent, it's another thing entirely to have it modeled, and in a way that I can try out immediately. Instead of feeling like I am not being a good enough parent, it makes me think, 'Oh, I could do this!'

* I find myself using the techniques and ideas of Playful Parenting as soon as I read them, and they work like magic.

* I thought this book would help me with my five year old, and it has, but to my surprise it has also been a huge help with parenting my twelve year old. We stopped playing a few years back, and we haven't been able to pick up the thread of that close connection we used to have. Playful Parenting gives me hope and specific strategies.

* This book finally answered for me some questions that have puzzled me for years. Why does my daughter have a huge meltdown at the end of a great day? Why does my son have to win at checkers every single time? How can I get the two of them to play without hurting each other?

* Things have been very different at home since the Playful Parenting workshop. We play more, and we play more happily, than we have in a long time.

* I never in a million years thought I'd be running around on the floor on all fours pretending to be a dog, and I certainly never thought I would enjoy it. My husband has always been the playmate in our family, not me, but Playful Parenting helped me figure out that I can play to. My son's endless giggles, (and my own) made it all worth it.

* Most parenting books and lectures make parents feel bad about all the mistakes we've made. Larry's talk made me feel proud to be a parent and able to playfully make a big difference in the lives of my children.

* I have a large family (eight children), and when Larry suggested that my husband or I have PlayTime one-on-one with each one, I thought he was nuts. But we figured out how to make the time for it, and it has been wonderful. The idea of following each child's lead, and playing the way they wanted to play, was especially useful. They didn't just need more attention, they needed us to play with them on their terms, in their way.

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